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8 Things to Consider For Website Redesigning in 2023

website redesigning in 2023

Your Website is one of the first sources of information to your potential customer. It is a representation of your company’s quality and performance.  So it is imperative to carry out website redesigning in 2023 to get better performance, page load speed, outlook, etc. Here are some points to make sure that your website is ready to welcome some new customers.

1. Check Website Audit Report (SEO, Content Health) : evaluating the structure of your website is the first to improve your website performance. An SEO audit report of your website uncovers performance, speed, and reveals many critical challenges of your website.

2. Mobile-First Design: A large percentage of internet traffic is through mobile phones. Thus it seems logical to offer a mobile-first design to your users. Ensure that your users can access the entire website from their mobile devices. Try to keep the design simple and appealing.

3. Page Speed Improvement: slow page loading is the most annoying thing for web users. It can lose you many visitors. Therefore, optimize website design, include high-quality images, and choose better hosting to improve page speed.

4. Better User Experience: To provide a better user experience on your website for business, you need to start thinking of your website as multiple touchpoints. At every touchpoint, we can enhance user experience, improve page load speed, and personalize instances for different user personas by using advanced tools and analyzing data.

5. Simple Navigation and Call to Action: Your users shouldn’t find it hard to look for content or information. Your website design should be scannable and easy to navigate. The user should be able to find relevant information in a few seconds only. To support the above structure, you should add relevant CTAs (Call to Actions) at various touchpoints

6. Social Channel Integration: Integrate your social media channels to your website. It is highly likely that your users may first check your social media and then visit the website, or achieve the opposite. Overall, many of your visitors would first want to visit your social media before making a purchase decision or interacting with you. This is because your social media interactions and appearances say a lot about the authenticity and reliability of your brand.

7. Choose Better Hosting: Your hosting provider gives you an overview of the baseline performance. In the case of shared hosting, this performance will be lower than dedicated services. To improve website performance and page speed, you should select the right hosting provider. You have to compare the performance of different hosting providers for better page load speed.

8. Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN): For better website hosting, you can use content delivery networks. In CDNs, there are many server clusters. This means that many servers across the globe store your website. So, when a user wants to connect to the site, they get access from the nearest CDN. With the help of this, website load time and the load on your servers decrease. It is necessary to understand that your website design evolves with time. If something works this year, that doesn’t indicate it is going to stay relevant the next year as well.  The right digital marketing experts can help you keep up with the changing algorithms. Voilawex is a market expert and we will ensure that our expertise is put into best to fulfill your needs. For more details contact us at

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