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Why Biometric Authentication Matters with AI Voice Cloning

AI based technology

Your voice can be a password. Are you protecting it like one? This is a question that we should all be asking ourselves as AI based technology that can clone our voices is now a reality.

Recently, Samsung introduced a voice-cloning feature for their new Galaxy S phones. The Bixby mobile assistant can be trained on your phone and successfully mimic your voice during calls. This AI based technology feature is marketed as a way to answer calls when you are unable to talk, but it can also be used for nefarious purposes.

An Introduction For AI based technology

AI based technology in trained voice imitation can be used to bypass voice authentication systems, which experts have warned about for years due to their weaknesses. Previously, voice authentication could be bypassed with recordings, but such scams often required cold-calling a victim and getting them to say pertinent phrases. However, AI changes the game, as interaction isn’t necessary to train these services. Just a few minutes of recording can be enough for voice mimicry.

In the short term, the danger of voice cloning is not yet widespread. For this kind of trick to happen without your knowledge, your voice has to be publicly available. It also still requires some work, as demonstrated by Motherboard’s failed attempts to bypass Lloyds Bank’s voice verification system using AI-generated imitations of a writer’s voice.

However, this doesn’t mean you should rest easy. Biometric authentication should be treated with the same consideration as other forms of account or device protection. In this context, discussing AI based technology applications includes biometric data is a set of physical passwords, and as with any password, if the information is accessible or otherwise insecure, that weakens your security.

Your voice can be recorded, your face can be photographed, and your fingerprint can be used while you’re incapacitated, these are all because of AI based technology. You don’t need to stop using these methods of safeguarding your privacy, but their very convenience means they’re weaker forms of defense. Think of them as the equivalent of short passwords. While they’ll deter some people, someone out there can bypass them more easily.

The smart use of biometric authentication is to use it for lower-stake situations, such as a PC where you never stay logged into sensitive sites, a phone with important apps protected by a passcode or password, and the like. And if you can’t pair your voice or face with stronger measures? Disable it, if you can.

Biometric authentication not be the most secure options for protecting sensitive information. While they can be useful in low-risk situations, it’s best to pair them with stronger security measures like passcodes or passwords for more critical information. For instance, if you’re using voice recognition for accessing your phone, consider setting up a strong passcode or password for critical apps like your banking or email accounts. Additionally, if you’re not comfortable using voice or face recognition, you can disable these features on your device altogether.

At the very least, if your bank uses voice verification, a second factor for authentication would be advisable. Because while the AI based technology or tools aren’t nailing impersonations off the bat just yet, they’ll continue to improve, increasing the potential threat. An ounce of prevention could be worth a pound of cure, especially if you like to stream or post videos.

Voice authentication is vulnerable to AI based technology cloning, but it can still be used for authentication in lower-stakes situations. Voilawex understands the crucial role that data security plays in the digital landscape and strives to provide its clients with top-notch protection. By remaining vigilant about emerging threats Voilawex is able to offer secure and reliable digital marketing services that keep clients’ personal information safe. With Voilawex, businesses can rest assured that their data is in good hands while making the most of digital media for the desired outcome. To know more visit .

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