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Web Design & Development

Magical Web Experience with a human touch. Superior user interface and experience assured throught our creative web design solutions 

web designing and development

custom Designs

Our designs are themed around our respective customers and their basic business requirements & goals.

SEO Optimized

Even a great design will fail if it doesn’t  reach the vicinity of the targeted customer.

ui / ux designs

A website is best judged by the user. Looks come later what matters most is the user experience on the page. 

Let the world know your brand with ultimate user experience

What types of websites do we develop?

A dynamic website design reflects your company’s professional approach. It is the most effective platform for sharing verified information and enhancing your company’s reputation in the target market.

VoilaWex specializes in creating client-centric, creative websites that maintain your brand’s value and identity. Our experts design Mobile-optimized responsive websites that are SEO enabled. Our UI/UX-enabled designs will ensure customer user delight and customer friendly browsing experience.

Business Websites

As the initial phase in creating your corporate online identity, our experts will collaborate with you to develop the ideal content strategy. Let’s create a lasting impression with a business website tailored to your needs.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Every client wants complete control over the content of their website. When it comes to maintaining your CMS website, we’ll make you smile. Voila! We created that uncomplicated and simple-to-use structure.

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

It’s exceptional to have a tailored learning environment that caters to the participants’ specific learning needs. We are experts at developing the most effective Integrated Learning Management Systems to make online learning more exciting.

E commerce Websites

We create bespoke ecommerce solutions for our clients to sell digitally.
We ensure easy navigation, effective information architecture, optimized product landing pages, and quick and easy checkout on all of our online store designs.

Web Portals

We create customized web portals for both B2B and B2C models. We design & develop job, information, and Service-Related Portals to meet specific business needs.

Why does your business need a website?

Having a website is like having your own office in cyberspace.
A good website will help you build your authority in your niche.
It will assist you in demonstrating your knowledge, establishing your brand credibility, and allowing you to stand out from the crowd.

It is the most cost-effective method to communicate with potential clients in this digital era. Your website serves as a home base for all digital marketing efforts such as social media, WhatsApp, and email marketing.

Before making a deal with you, every business or consumer will search online for your company. If you have an excellent website, it can influence your target clients to make a favorable decision.

why do you need a website?
web designing and development

What exactly do we mean by website UI/UX Design?

The term “UX” stands for “User eXperience.” UI stands for “User Interface”. When UI refers to the aesthetic elements through which end users engage with a platform or service, UX refers to their experience while using that platform or service.

UI/UX design focuses on and guarantees that typical visitors of your websites and applications have a pleasant experience. A UI/UX design guarantees that the system is simple to comprehend and utilize. The designing is done to cater to the USER PERSONA, which considers the goals, aspirations, and constraints of end target users.

How do we add value with UI/UX Design and Development?

A good UX/UI design is critical to the success of your websites, portals, online and mobile applications. Our skilled UX/UI Designers and Developers will build the product to boost the end-user experience and enhance customer satisfaction. A pleasant experience & a smooth interaction, in turn, will assist in increasing the number of users for the specific application.


A customized website can include distinct features that set you apart from your competition. The use of a templated website comes with a slew of drawbacks. On the other hand, a bespoke web design gives you the freedom to build your website according to your concept. You will have complete creative control over how you want to portray your brand.

You have the freedom to scale up your development process and add new features with a custom website. On the other side, templated websites may not always provide you with the flexibility to adjust them as your needs change.

VoilaWex provides customized web solutions at an affordable price for any type and size of business. We can create websites that meet your needs without spending a fortune. Today is the best time to schedule a Requirement Gathering Meeting with us!

It is entirely dependent on the platform you select, the size of your website, and the content you wish to add. Soon after our initial Requirement Gathering Meeting, we’ll provide you with a timeframe.

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