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Voilawex is a leading Web designing agency in Kerala. We are masters in website architecture and improvement for all business spaces.

Applications & Softwares

Our dedicated developers design unique Web and mobile apps and customized software solutions, e commerce websites and prudent business management systems for companies of any type, segment and size. 

Web designing agency in Kerala


We are a team of software developers who customize our services to each client’s specific demands. To satisfy the expectations of our customers, we examine their requirements and design customized solutions.

E Commerce websolutions

We have the expertise and experience to develop online stores and shops for customers of any type, industry, or size. We make it easy for our clients to use online services to sell their products, ideas, and services in order to maximize profit.

top Web designing agency in Kerala

business management system

We can supply specialized software for micro, small, and medium-sized organizations. We will be able to create custom solutions for all of your functions, including human resources, accounting, billing, and inventory management.

Let your brand meet the best current Mobile Technology

Web applications

All main web development paradigms are acquainted with our team of skilled Software Engineers & Web App Developers.

Being one of the top Web designing agency in Kerala, Custom web development is one of the specialties of our experts, and we specialize in creating one-of-a-kind interactive experiences that set us apart from the competition.

Web designing agency in Kerala

Web designing agency in Kerala
Web designing agency in Kerala

Mobile applications

Take your business to the next level with our future-oriented mobile app development solutions.

VoilaWEX believes in growing, changing, and learning with our clients. Our hybrid app developers create cutting-edge hybrid apps for iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices.

top Web designing agency in Kerala

Why custom applications?

Business process management and digital transformation are easier and more successful with customized apps than with off-the-shelf alternatives.

When you buy software off-the-shelf, you’ll constantly find yourself manually modifying data to link your software stack or fighting awkward inefficiencies that will negatively impact your return on investment.

Being one of the top Web designing agency in Kerala, Custome web and app development is our main research  focus 

App Store Optimization

We give the best service in publishing client apps to the app store and play store, paying close attention to every area of optimization…we assist you in overcoming app visibility issues to increase organic app downloads.

Custom Web Applications

We enable our clients to enjoy the real world on a mobile device by merging mobile-centric web technologies with cross-platform apps. Our web app developers implement the most in-demand web app scenarios using their front-end development knowledge.

Mobile Application development

We provide the right solutions for your business or personal based mobile app requirements. Custom application advancement is a major test looked at by the organisation  with new innovation headway is costly and tedious. Organisation requires a solid and educated IT accomplice to assist with distinguishing the important and reasonable application and create and deal with as old as the necessities.


Our Custom web and app grow with your business so you don’t have to worry about switching to a more expensive program or deal with extra license purchases. Instead, anything you need to add now or later can easily be integrated with the existing application without disrupting the system.

top Web designing agency in Kerala


A custom web application will always serve your business’s specific purpose and meet all your requirements. It also streamlines the app so users aren’t overwhelmed with multiple features like many third-party web apps have. Instead, you can choose the most important ones so it’s easier for your team to navigate, thereby increasing productivity Also Custom web apps are Scalable, Safe, Low-Maintenance, Cost-Effective, Boosts Efficiency.
If you are struggling to find an existing solution that will fit your business model, a custom web application could be precisely the thing that you are looking for. It’s designed to solve your problems, not everyone else’s

Custom  applications are flexible enough to adapt to changing demands. This is one key reason why business owners prefer custom web apps over ready-made ones. You can modify the product without any obstacles. In industries like E-commerce or Entertainment, flexible software can be a big advantage.

VoilaWex provides customized solutions at an affordable price. Custom apps are less expensive than commercial software in the long run. You don’t need to perform reports, splurge on licensing packages, or extra hardware because developers adapt your application to fit your current hardware. You’ll also have full ownership of your application so you don’t need to pay to use it. Today is the best time to schedule a Requirement Gathering Meeting with us!

It is entirely dependent on the platform you select, the size of your website, and the content you wish to add. Soon after our initial Requirement Gathering Meeting, we’ll provide you with a timeframe.

top Web designing agency in Kerala

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