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How To Avoid Confusion Around Your Web Advertising Results.

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Outsourcing your online advertising and marketing needs is a wise idea these days. A company cannot survive the cut-throat competition of today’s world without marketing itself and creating brand value. A marketing and advertising firm who are adept with the nuances of the marketing world can make sure that your product is well reached by your target audience.

There are many yardsticks values the client uses to evaluate the value that the media firm has added to their company. The Click-through-rate (CTR) is one of them. It is the ratio of users who click on a specific link to the number of total users who view a page, email, or advertisement. It is commonly used to measure the success of an online advertising campaign for a particular website. The Google

Analytical report that the media firms shares regarding the advertisement campaign has a number of figures which intends to indicate the success of their work.

But it is often noticed that the some media firms and agencies cheat customers regarding these numbers. This article has put together some of the little known facts that outline methods adopted by some media firms and agencies to misguide their customer. Possible ways to stay ahead of the game are also discussed so read along.

1.  False Reports

The way that a company judges the success of a campaign is by analysing the Google Analytical report that the media firm shares. It is something that can easily be forged if the company do not have any means to check the authenticity of the data provided. The screenshots can easily be photo-shopped and the client gets fooled. Using an UTM code through which you can track the actual clicks is one way to make sure you are not fooled this way. Make provisions in your contract to audit and view Google Analytics report in real time.

2. Accidental Clicks

This is a way of fooling the internet users into clicking unnecessary links by placing them in such location on a website where accidental clicks happen. This will increase the CTR but these clicks are not relevant to the company as the visitors are not the ones who has the potential to convert into customers.

3. IP Address Manipulation

There are tools that can change the IP address of the device drastically. The agencies hire people to click on links after switching the IP address so that each registers as an unique click. Even UTM code will not be able to distinguish it. Generating clicks by using bots is also a way of IP address manipulation.

4. Hiring Third Party Website

There are third party websites that generate clicks for a payment. These websites has tricks to make the Google analytical report fine. The spend time on the landing page and go to further links so that the bounce rate is low and time spent per user is decent. The legal obligation for the media firm is also lowered since they only paid them to promote their link and are not responsible for the means they choose.

We have now seen that there are a number of ways through which some marketing firms and agency create false impression, clicks and click-rates. Determining the success of one’s digital marketing campaign through these metrics is not a wise choice. All of these can be manipulated and they do not signify anything of value. Rather focus on conversion or the results.

Improving your web traffic organically is the right way to go. They are trusted loyal visitors who have the potential of becoming future customers. Voilawex is a digital marketing firm that focus on generating organic results. We don’t manipulate our customers or go after untrustworthy metrics. We deliver the results that our customers dream of. To know further contact us at .

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